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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of garments required for Free Pick-Up and Delivery service?

Yes, a minimum of $20.00 value plus taxes.

Please click here too sign-up for our pickup & delivery service.

Do I have to be home or how do you deliver my clothes?

No, not at all, in fact, most of our customers are not home.  You simply leave the bag on the front porch and we deliver them on the hook we will provide for you.

What's up with these dry cleaning bags?

They’re pretty great, right? They’re eco-friendly bags that get washed and cleaned every time they come back to our plant.

How often do you pick up? / What are the days?

We are always in your area twice a week.  When we pick up your bag on monday we will return your clean & pressed clothes on thursday. When we pick up your bag on tuesday, we will bring back your clean & pressed clothes on friday.

What if I don’t have anything?/ I don’t have much? / do I need to call?

You can sign up for our on call, text or e-mail service.just inform us on day prior to your designated pick up day.

What time do you pick up & deliver?

Between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

I'm nervous about leaving my clothes outdoors!

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving your clothes outside, we can ring the bell or leave it in designated area of your house, like inside the garage or back door.

How do I pay?

We require a credit card on file. We process your credit card once we make your invoice. We attached the credit card slip with your invoice when we deliver.

Are there any hidden costs? / Why don’t you charge for service? / How much does it cost?

None at all! We are in the customer service business and we are glad to bring our cleaners to you. Since we are already in your neighborhood-there are no additional costs to us!

What if I have a special request concerning a particular garment?

Just leave a largenote that we can’t miss inside your bag with the special instructions.

What if there are stains?

No need to worry! Our specialists check every inch of every garment.

What do I do with all these hangers?

Easy! Return them with your next load ofdirty laundry inside the bag.

What if I detect a problem with my garments upon delivery?

Please let us know via email or telephone

How do I sign up?