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If you’ve ever slopped coffee on your favourite shirt, you know finding the time to get to the dry cleaner makes your bad luck feel even worse. Barker’s Fine Dry Cleaning takes that aggravation away.

We can’t stop you from spilling on yourself, but we can offer a convenient drop-off and pick-up service at your home or business.

For Barker’s, customer service is everything. With 30 years experience in the hospitality industry, we have maintained the same customer first attitude that we followed when we first stated our dry cleaning business.

“I strive to make people feel valued and secure when they bring in their dry cleaning,” said Tony Arevalo, owner of Barkers. “And I want them to leave with the confidence that the job will be done right.”

Born in the Philippines, Tony spent a few years in Toronto for university before being drawn in by Calgary’s warm western welcome. “Calgary has some of the friendliest people I have met,” he maintains. “This is where I knew I wanted to start a family and plant roots.”

After 20 years in Calgary, Tony knows his customers well. “So many people play hockey or ringette or Lacrosse. The problem is finding a place indoors to air out your equipment during the winter months.” To meet this need, Tony opened Fresh Jock, specializing in cleaning and deodorizing sports equipment. “You should get your equipment professionally cleaned and deodorized a couple times throughout the season, or at the very least at the end of the season for storage.”